Ever wonder what it must be like to be a mole?
To spend a lifetime down inside a dark and dirty hole?
With short, fat legs and long thin nose—all fur from head to tail...
He lives on creepy, crawly things like beetle bugs and snails.
He cannot see the damage done when he digs ’cross your lawn,
And yet it is quite visible to ev’ryone, come dawn.
So stomp his tunnels, set your traps—He hasn’t got a prayer,
And scream so loud the ground vibrates and curls his dirty hair.
He did not choose the life he leads, but does with what he’s got...
Yet human nature leads mankind to hate and kill the lot.
Please show some admiration for this poor hard-working guy,
And thank your lucky stars God did not put us at his side.

©Copyright 2007 Bridgital/SouthernReader. All rights reserved.