I remembered I had a small curling brush and decided it would be perfect to style my hair. WRONG!

I wrapped a small section of hair around the brush and rolled it inward to dry it.  After a few seconds of drying, I tried to unroll the hair off my brush. One problem—the hair was not coming off. It was at most a half inch from my scalp and I could not get this brush out of my hair!

After TWO hours I had gotten about half the hair untangled from the brush but the rest would not budge.  What was I going to do? I couldn’t cut the brush out. I had already texted two friends and got no response from either.

I sat down on the bathroom floor and had a little talk with God.  Something like, “Really, God?  It has been a really tough year, could you please just untangle my hair?” Right after that, a thought popped into my head. There’s a Great Clips right around the corner—but that meant I had to drive with the stupid brush in my hair.  Then I would have to walk from the parking lot to the shop.  I ran to my closet and grabbed a cap.  Not happening—didn’t come close to covering the brush.  Ok—what about a scarf? I grabbed my favorite scarf and quickly found I would have to wrap my entire head, including my face, to cover the brush.

After a brief cry, I admitted to myself that I would have to drive to the shop with the PINK brush hanging in my hair.  I would just have to hold my hand up and try to hide the brush.  After all, I am an intelligent woman—I only needed one hand to drive. I made it to the shop without many stares. 

I drove into the parking lot and parked as close to the Great Clips as I could. Okay— coast was clear—ready, set, go-o-o-o! I jumped out of the car and sprinted toward the door. 

Just as I got about 15 feet from the door, a very handsome man was on his way out. I was mortified. 

Fortunately this was a compassionate man. Not only did he say “bless your heart,” he also held the door open for me. Did his words diminish the embarrassment—not a chance.

I blew in through the door (fortunately there were no other customers) and yelled “HELP!”

Natalie came to my rescue. She doused my hair with conditioner and after about 20 minutes, finally set me free. I promptly told her to throw the brush away.

I asked her how much I owed her.  Natalie said, “We don’t have a price for detangling, how about a shampoo? It’s only $6.00.” I got the shampoo, I bought a new brush and tipped Natalie handsomely.

I had another short conversation with God as I drove home—thank you, thank you, thank you.

Laura Kathleen Megahee is a writer from Sugar Hill, Georgia.

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